Thursday 20/10/16

Gymnastics Conditioning: 5 Rounds for Time: Lsit Rope Climb, Legless Rope Climb, Rope Climb = 8.56

rest 10mins

10×3 Ice Cream Makers – did all sets but found these very very tough and probably not the best quality.

Weightlifting Narrow
A. OHS Complex x 3SETS:
B. 5 x 2 Power Snatch + 1 Behind Neck Narrow Grip Push Press + 1 Narrow OHS = 90/95/100/105/100
C. 4×2 Clean and Power Jerk to a heavy double = 128
then 3×3 @75% = 96 all

D. AMRAP 40:
15 Kettlebell Snatches, left arm, 24kg/16kg
30 Toes-to-Bar
15 Kettlebell Snatches, right arm, 24kg/16kg
30 Pushups
Run 800m
= 4rds +14 KB Snatch left arm.

Thursday 20/10/16

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