Monday 17/10/16 Shapesmiths wk1

70 min RTW (70% recovery work)
1 min stations of AAB, row, ski, jog, skipping and burpees with dynamic mobility interspersed between.

Av/Max Hr = 132/151


A. Weightlifting OHS Complex x 3 SETS : https: // = donE
B. 6×3 Snatch Drop, keep it as light as you need to get no heave/pop off = 40/40/40/40/40/50 – we discussed this and I actually did snatch balance (moving feet).
C. Work to a heavy triple OHS for the day = 120.

D. GYMNASTICS TEST & CONDITIONING 3 x attempts at max single hinge TTB with kip. Rest as needed in between = 24/17/13
E. 5x4reps. 1 rep = Single leg TTB (L+R) Double/single hinge TTB = done
F. 4×6 Hollow Body Push Ups. 4 seconds negative = done

Monday 17/10/16 Shapesmiths wk1

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