Friday 21/10/16

30s @80%, 30s rest x 40 mins:

Felt I needed some easy aerobic to flush out.

A. Back Squat Warm Up Complex: 5 BS, 5 BS with 2 second Pause + 5×1+1/2 Back Squat three sets. Work on finding the ‘biting point’ of the squat = done
B. Back Squat 3×3 reps that build up to a heavy set = 150/155/160
2×3 reps at 75- 80% = 128
C. Romanian Deadlift 5×3 at 100% of your 1RM clean = 146
D. Jefferson Curls 3×5 Empty Barbell = done

a) 3 x attempts at max set of Chest to Bar Pull Ups – did not do as hands felt like they were going to rip from earlier/last week.
b) Ring dips 5sets to a heavy 5rep weighted = 40
c) Handstand; 8 Shoulder Taps into HS walk for 20m x5 = done – shaky on the shoulder taps.

Friday 21/10/16

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