Saturday 28/11/15

A1. Muscle Ups – 5×8-10 Rest 30s = all 8 UB
A2. T2B – 5×15 Rest 30s = 15/15/15/12+3/6+5+4
A3. Wall Walks – 5×5 Rest 2 mins = all 5
B1. Strict HSPU – 4x Max Reps = 12/10/8/8
B2. FLR – 4x 60s Rest 2 mins = all 60s UB

AMRAP 15 – Did 10 min to compare to original score from Open 2 years ago.
15 Power Snatch @ 35kg
30 Double Under
= 365

Wanted to compare to last score (363). Will did this the other day and got 9 rounds. Bit disappointed with only a 2 rep increase although shoulders blew up quickly from musc. end. work this morning so with rest I’m sure I could improve and I know this is not when I’m supposed to be my fittest.

For Time:
25-20-15-10-5 Burpee box jump over @24″
5-4-3-2-1 Rope climb
= 11.15

Need to work on rope climb technique. Sometimes it’s efficient, some times it’s more muscling my way up.

Saturday 28/11/15

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