A1. Muscle Ups – 5×8 Rest 30s = all 8 UB
A2. Strict HSPU – 5x Max Unbroken rest 30s = 11/10/8/8/5
A3. Pendlay Row – 5×15 Rest 2 mins = 70kg/”/”/65/60

Happy to have held on to 8 reps on the MU. On strict HSPU my triceps were burning almost immediately. Don’t know if this is residual fatigue or from MU. Had to drop pendlay row weight as was getting close to failing.

B1.HS Walk – 5x30m (15m out, 5s kick down and turn arund, 15m back) HS Walk Rest 20s = UB+UB / UB+1 break / UB+UB / UB+1B / UB+UB
B2. Hollow Rocsk – 5×30 Rest 30-60s = all broken up into 4-6 sets.

In 20 mins:
100 Burpee Over Rower
Row for distance

Rest 3 mins

Build to max Hang power Snatch in 5 mins.

Life got in the way tonight and I couldn’t do this session. Will catch up tomorrow.


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