Friday 20/11/15

40 mins Airbike @ 120bpm
rpm = 55
HR = 124/136

A. Halting Clean Grip Deadlift – 6×4 Rest 2 mins (Halt 1s 1cm off floor, halt1s at knee – try to add weight) = 140/”/142.5/”/”/” (no belt)
B. Clean + Jerk – 7×1 Rest 2 min = 125/130/130/135/140/145 failx2/145 PB
C. Front Squat – Build to 3 RM w/pause at bottom = 127.5
D.RDL – 4×6-8 Rest 2 mins = 150/152.5/155/155

Very happy with the C+J PB, pull was much stronger off the floor than my last PB and standing up with the weight was barely an issue. Heavy squatting and pulling definitely paying off.

Friday 20/11/15

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