Tuesday 17/11/15

A1. Pullups – 5×15-20 Unbroken Rest 30s = all 20 UB
A2. STOH – 5×15-20 @ 60kg = all 20 UB
A3. T2B – 5x Max Reps UB Rest 2-3 mins = 31/16/15/17/13

This fucked me up. Primary reason for drop off on T2B was grip fatigue. Grippy day yesterday too with all the snatches so no surprise. Rowed to cool down for 5 mins after this and had to walk around for 10 mins after that before feeling good enough to hit part B:

B1. Wall Walks – 4×10 Rest 20s
B2. Burpee Over Bar – 4×25 Rest 30s
Time = 15.51

5-6 Rounds of: (Did 5 rounds)
Row 750m = 1.52.8 / .7 / .4 / .2 / .0
Rest 20s
7-10 Muscle Ups = 7/7/8/8/8
Rest 20s
20-25 KB Swing @ 32kg = all 25 UB
Rest 90s

Again grippy but lats as well. Didn’t smash the row to conserve a bit for MU and KBS. MU started at minimum and tried to build as opposed to starting high and falling off. KBS were very tough, just about held on for last two sets.

Ski Erg 350m @ tough Effort – started at 1.46.4 dropped down to 1.43.1
Rest/Walk 30s
Run 200m @ tough effort – 52s/50/49/47/45/47/45/45/44/42
Rest/Walk 30s

Serious wind tonight so run times skewed a bit.

Tuesday 17/11/15

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