Sunday 18/10/15 BOB Day 3


A – Sn + hang sn (above knee) + low hang sn (below knee) – build to heavy of complex = 110.
B – 8 singles @90% of A at weakest position = 100kg at low hang for 10 singles.
C – In pairs alternating each minute:
1′ ME Power Sn @80kg
Until 100 reps are accumulated.
Did this with Sean Hardwick and got 12.54.

A – As we already know I’m almost better from the hang than I am from the floor so kept up with the big boys on this complex as most of them failed on one of the hangs. Steve and Ben got 115 on this, Phill 112.5/110 can’t remember.
B – Chose low hang as back was already pumped and was aware I’d be doing a lot of power snatches from the floor paired with Sean. Low hang is very challenging, probably because it moves the bar closer to the floor which is my weakest position.
C – Was hitting 9-11 reps a minute on this. Kept up with the big boys without a problem.


A1 – Strict press 4×5 = 70/70/72.5/72.5
A2 – Pendlay Row 4×5 = 90/90/95/95

EMOM 30 mins:
1 – 15 Cal AAB
2 – 15 GHDSU (chose these over T2B as we’ve already worked on T2B so much and the thought of those 100 GHDSU at regionals worries me).
3 – 50 DU

Didn’t have a problem on this and came off of it a LOT less fatigued than most. T2B arguable harder for some but I wanted to work on GHDSU. Was off the AAB ahead of Phil (who was in my group).
Talking to Steve he does a lot of EMOM work like this (similar to some of the stuff you’ve programmed me) as it’s a great way to get a large volume of gymnastics work in a short period of time without feeling destroyed after. He seems to be big on not destroying himself but get a lot of work done.
Steve also talked about how last year he was worried in the off season that he wasn’t conditioned enough as he just did weightlifting but then realised in the run up to the Open that getting his conditioning back wasn’t actually going to take that long and then; won the open.

Sunday 18/10/15 BOB Day 3

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