Saturday 17/10/15 BOB Day 2


A – DL – build to heavy 5 not tng = 170 (no belt) – low back.
B – 3×5 @90% of A – 140/140/fail – low back.
C – DL – 30 UB reps @100 – couldn’t do due to low back.
D1 – RFESS – 5×10 each side, no rest before D2 = BW/10/20/25/30
D2 – Strict T2B – 5×10, 2mins Rest.

EVERYONE’s posterior chain, or at least their DL, is bigger than mine. Could only feel the lift in my lower back as opposed to glutes and hamstrings which could have been because of DLing earlier in the week also. Either way everyone’s pull from the floor is much stronger and from a dead stop each rep instead of Tng too.
Mitch raised a good point also – yesterday I cleaned 141, today my back hurt trying to DL it – positional thing too maybe?

A – Every 3 mins for 30 mins: UB set of MU – Top guys got 10, I couldn’t do MU as rings weren’t high enough, instead did:

Every 3 mins for 30 mins: 15 C2B, 15 Ring Dips.

First 3 sets were actually 12’s then upped it to 15 as 12 too easy. All C2B UB, ring dips broke into 3 sets in last 3 sets.

B – ROW:
250m max effort,
= 1.21.3 / 1.21.5 / 1.21.2 / 1.21.7 / 1.22.5 / 1.23.3

Smashed everyone at this and was far less fucked after too. Including Steve and Phil.

Saturday 17/10/15 BOB Day 2

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