Friday 16/10/15 BOB Day 1


A – Sn – build to max = 121 PB
B – C+J – build to max = 141
C – HBBS – 5×2.2 (20s/2min) = 152.5/”/155/155/155

Defining feature between myself and top guys is leg strength.
They do a fair amount of volume lifting at 80-90%, grooving good technique at a challenging weight.
Need to build more strength pulling form floor and front squat.


A – Every 30s for 12mins (24 sets): 3 strict Def HSPU = 2.5 inches all sets.
B –
In 3’s: 5 rounds:
30 WB
20 BJO @24″ lengthways on box, regionals standard
10 burpee to 9′ target
Rest 2:1

A – Almost everyone was on a different height. Some people dropped off a little, some a lot. Steve was at a 4″ deficit + weight vest, as was Mitch. Ben was at about then same without the weight vest but hands super wide and if there is ever a restriction on hand width again I’m not sure it would count.
From the numbers I picked up from guys, I also need to up my UB strict HSPU on flat ground, a lot of them were in the high teens to mid twenties.

Conditioning was tough. Steve was same pace on WB but rapid over the box and didn’t slow down over the rounds. Jumping over the box length ways to replicate length of box at regionals threw me off, need to use that when I do them at home.

Friday 16/10/15 BOB Day 1

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