Monday 28/9/15


10 min warm up incl. sprints.

Rest 30s
RPM Av/Max = 68/72
HR Av/Max = 154/169

20 min Z1
HR Av/Max = 134/150


A.Snatch Pull – 6×3 Rest 2 min = 110/115/”/”/”/”
B.Snatch – 6×1.1 rest 20s/2 mins (Around 90-95%)(103.5-109) = 103.5/105/107.5/”/ 109×1/109failx4/105failx2
(don’t know what happened here, just couldn’t seem to hit it, called it a day as so many failed lifts was fatiguing).
C.HBBS – 5×2 rest 2 mins = 165/”/”/”/165×1/160 fail.
I think I’m starting to reach a plateau on these. No doubt my squatting is stronger and I’m looking forward to a re-test after deloading but my ass is shooting up a lot now on the heavy lifts and it’s too heavy to correct the form. I could go back down to something lighter but I’ve been adamant about getting more weight on the bar each week to keep the progression. Next cycle I’ll let the weight be limited by form.

D.GHD GH Raise – 5×5+15s Sorenson Hold with weight. Rest 2mins = 2.5kg + 15s @25kg/”/”/1.25kg + 25kg/”


Because of the Xendurance qualifiers I’ll be missing some conditioning late on in the week so I brought it forward and hit it all tonight. Missed out the 80kg clean and jerks as I’ll be doing the actual test on wednesday if legs can handle it and extended the double under/down up piece to 10 mins t make up for it:

30 DU
15 Down Ups
= 8rds + 11 DU

Rest 5 mins

3 Rounds of:
Ski Erg 500m
10 GTOH @ 60kg = All UB
= 8.32

Rest 5 mins

5 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Ring pushup
15 Air Squat
= 7rds

Monday 28/9/15

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