Wednesday 23/9/15

Airdyne 60s @ 90% = 74-76 RPM average.
Airdyne 60s @ 50%
Assault bike is MUCH heavier than airdyne. Real burn in quads on this and definitely felt more like musc end than aerobic limited.

A.Power Clean and Push Jerk – 6×1.1 rest 20s/2min = 120/”/122.5/”/”/”
B.OHS (From floor) – 6×2 Rest 2 mins = 100/105/”/110/112.5/”
C.TnG Deadlift – 3×10 Rest as needed. (Add 2.5kg- keep same weight across sets) = 160kg all sets.
D.Calf Raises – 4×20 Rest 90s = 40kg all sets.

A. Legs felt tired, could be from assault bike this morning but nothing major.
B. PC and Jerked straight up to OHS. Ring finger on rings of bar.
C. No back pain, serious glute contraction, used belt for first time since doing these 10’s.
D. I have calves. I want cows.

Xendurance 15.2:
12′ Amrap:
30 cal row = 1:30 all sets
30 wall balls = all UB
30 c2b = 12/10/8, 12/10/8, 10/6/5/3/1
= 2 rds + 87 reps (3 reps short of finishing third round)

Wednesday 23/9/15

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