Tuesday 22/9/15

Had a shit night’s sleep and woke up exhausted. Also, still have a bit of a back pump from yesterdays weighted pistols. Felt like hitting such a high intensity on the rowing pieces would push me over the edge so swapped it for some Z2ish work:
Ski erg
Time = 46:43
Av/Max HR = 153/165

A. Bench Press – 5×1.1 Rest 20s/2mins = 122.5/125/127.5/130/130
B. L-Sit Pullups – 5x AMRAP Rest 2 min = 8/8 (these sets were. ot with full lockout, then learnt how to lock out fully – 5/5/4.
Struggled to fully lock out arms AND open shoulders without letting legs drop. Definitely need to do more of this, similar feeling of diffculty to L-sit holds and holding the no supporting leg up in a pistol.

C. Strict Def HSPU.Kip Def HSPU @ 1.5″- 6x Max Rest 20s/2min = I’m a twat; forgot the 20s rest between strict and kipping, went straight from last strict into first kipping: 8.8/6.10/6.8/5.8/4.7/4.8

D. Ring HSPU 10 mins – http://gymnasticswod.com/content/roll-handstand-push-progression-pt1
Add in part 2/3 if you want? Progress from last week = did this with J who also gave me some useful tips. Accumulated 4 within the 10 mins of practice.

Tuesday 22/9/15

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