Wednesday 16/9/15

Airdyne 90s @ 90%
Airdyne 90s @ 50%
Max HR’s = 152/56/61/60/60/66/66/68/69/70/69/73/69/73/75
For whole session, Av. HR = 145, Max = 175.

A.2 Power Clean + 2 Front Squat + 1 Split Jerk x 7 rest 2 mins = 120/”/”/”/122.5/”/” no misses.
B.OHS (From rack) – 5×3 Rest 2 mins = 120/”/”/125/” (failed 120 twice before getting it first set, confidence).
C.TnG Deadlift – 3×10 Rest as needed. (Add 2.5kg-5kg- keep same weight across sets) = 155/”/” no belt, no pain. Legs and midline fatigued, struggled to keep tight.
D.Calf Raises – 4×20 Rest 90s = 35/”/”/” – progression on these?

14′ Pairs workout with mate:
40 UB DU
10 Push Jerk @60
5 Burp. O Bar
Alt each exercise.

Power Snatch @ 70kg (TnG Reps)
Burpee Box Jumps = 5.58

Rest 90s – Had a fucking mare here. Taped thumbs up before starting to stop opening up tear from C2B yesterday and tape came off mid workout, so spent 90s rest frantically taping thumbs up again. Finished taping already 4 seconds into next workout. Didn’t have time to write time for first workout down. Based on what Tunde got and how far ahead of him I was I THINK I got 5.58.

Thruster @ 70kg
Bar Muscle Ups = 10.35

Struggled on both workouts, especially the second. I’ll speak to you about this tomorrow but I feel like I’m carry a lot of fatigue in the legs. To be expected when I’m working hard on getting them stronger but the effect is as soon as I start a workout, they feel like I’ve just finished one. Very gassy, broke thrusters up into:
9 = 5+4, 12 = 5+4+3, 15 = 5+4+3+3
Bar MU always started with a set of 5 then went down to 4’s and 3’s.
Rested quite a lot between UB sets but again, legs felt empty.

Cool Down:
At 2:00 split on all:
400m Row, 400m Ski-Erg
300m Row, 300m Ski Erg
200m Row, 200m Ski Erg
100m Row, 100m Ski Erg

Wednesday 16/9/15

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