Friday 11/9/15

Airdyne 30s @ tough effort = max HR: 155/60/64/63/67/69/70/72/72/75
Airdyne 90s @ easy effort
10 mins very easy.

A. Clean and Jerk – 7×2 @ 90% of A. last week = all sets at 121.5kg
B.Back Squat – 5×3.3 Rest 20s/2-3 mins (Add from monday and last week.) = 145/”/”/147.5/”
C.SL RDL – 5×8 Rest 2 mins = 41/”/”/”/”

Had to help out with setting up for comp tomorrow (but thankfully not helping out with the actual comp tomorrow) so had to save sled pulls for evening. By time I got around to it, it was 2130 at night. Weights were all set out for comp so took a strap from a sled and pulled Nat’s car instead with the handbrake on 3 clicks.
D. Car Pull – 5x100m Rest 2 mins – did 6x100m.

No time for the last conditioning piece, will catch up tomorrow.

Friday 11/9/15

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