Saturday 5/9/15

A.Strict Wtd Ring Dips – 5x 2.2.2 Rest 20s/2mins = 42/42/44/44/46
B.1-3 Rope Climb – Every 2:00 x5-6 (If easy add weight vest) – focus on that clamp with the feet, treat moevement as a knees to elbow so you use legs more = could not do this as the box I was at did not have a rope to 15ft.
C.Strict Press – 6×1 rest 2mins = 80/80/82/”/”/”
Strict HSPU have got stronger, dips and other presses have gone up, don’t know why this has gone down.

EMOM 10′
1 – 50 du
2 – 25-30 cal row = 30/27/25/25/27

Every 3:00
4-6 Strict Def HSPU @ 1” = all ub easy
15 C2B = all ub easy
Jog 100m (use as easy recovery if possible?) – had to swap for 40 DU as not space to jog at box in London.

Hit this session with Matt Rodwell from CrossFit central london and 2 other guys – good bro sesh.

20 wall balls
20 burpees
20 ghdsu
= 3 rds + 36, HIP FLEXORS AND LOWER ABS. Hit me hard after the 2nd round, just pulling my legs up from the burpees became tough.

5′ rest

EMOM 10′
1 – 20m HSW = all made, last 2 broken, last 1 broken 3 times.
2 – 20 kbs @32 = all ub bar last 2 rounds.
= all minutes made, started to break down in the 4th round, shoulders traps and forearms smashed. Managed to hold on for the last round of each but only just made it. Haven’t had to hsw with that much fatigue before, great workout.

20′ rest

In Pairs 4 rounds each:
500m ski erg
12 bbj @24″
rest while partner goes.
Hit this HARD, each round was sub 2:30

Saturday 5/9/15

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