Friday 4/915

Easy 10 min warm up (Slowly build up to last min @ 85%)
20s @ 95%
40s @ 50%
Easy 10 mins cool down
Push hard here. Aim to maintain same RPM

Hit 16 rounds, kept all at 108rpm+

A.Clean and Jerk – Build to tough double in 10 mins = 135 PB
Felt really good so went up to a heavy single = 142.5 PB
B.Clean and jerk – 7×2 @ 85-90% of A. Rest as needed = 115-121.5 = hit all at 120, no misses.
C.Back Squat – 5×4.4 Rest 20s/2-3 mins (Add from monday and last week.) = all sets 140kg.
D.SL RDL – 6×8 Rest 2 mins = 35/”/37.5/”/”/”

Had to leave for london and so couldn’t do the evenig conditioning. Felt like after pushing so heavy on the lifting I needed the rest and recovery so will catch up tomorrow.

Friday 4/915

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