Airdyne 90s @ 90%
Airdyne 90s @ 50%
Start to step up on the 90-95% piece.

Don’t know if HR monitor is broken or faulty or I’m just a pussy but pushed as hard as I could near the end of this and could not get above 180 bpm.

A.1 Power Clean + 2 Split Jerk – 6×2 Rest 2mins = 120/”/122.5/”/125/”
B.2 Snatch Balance + 2 OHS x7 rest 2 mins = 90/”/95/”/100/”/”
C. TnG Deadlift – 3×10 Rest as needed. (Add2.5kg-5kg – same weight across sets) = 125/130/130 no pain
D. Calf raises – 4×20 rest 90s = 28/”/”/”

5 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Cal Row = all sub 1 min
30 Wallballs = All UB
= 5rds + 5 Bar MU

* Try and pace the evening piece so it isn’t too high intensity. Row should be exactly the same pace each set and wallballs unbroken each set.


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