Wednesday 26/8/15


A.Split Jerk – 6×2 (pause 2 s in split position) Rest 90s = 122.5/”/”/125/125fail/125/125failx2
B.3 Snatch Balance + 2 OHS x7 rest 2 mins = 80/85/”/90/”/”/”
C.TnG Deadlift – 3×10 Rest as needed = 110/115/120 no pain.
D. Calf raises – 4×20 rest 90s = 24/24/24/12

Always need work on snatch bal and OHS. Also need to incoporate narrow grip OHS as it allows me to squat more which will be useful for comp.

20′ AD @Z1.

Travelling to Holland

6 Rounds:
1′ Row
1′ Burp over rower
Averaged about 28 Cals on rower and 19-23 burpees. Av HR each piece was 170’s, max 186.

Had to leave for Holland early afternoon so had to switch things up today. Original plan was to AD in the MD after lifting but ran out of time. Evening session was at box in Holland, no AD to changed for row and burp.

Wednesday 26/8/15

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