Friday 28/8/15

Easy 10 min warm up (Slowly build up to last min @ 85%)
20s @ 90%
40s @ 50%
Easy 10 mins cool down
Push hard here. Aim to maintain same RPM fo
Hit this hard, RPM on 20s pieces was about 108.

A.2 Clean and 1 Jerk – 7x Rest 2 mins = 120/125/”/”/127.5/”/130 (all no knee sleeves)
B.Back Squat – 5×4.4 Rest 20s/2-3 mins (Add from monday) = 135/”/136/”/”
C. RDL – 5×8 Rest 2 mins – couldn’t do this as back felt a little twingy which I’m not bothered about after cleaning and squatting heavy, did instead:
C. WTD Hip Ext – 5×8 – 30/”/”/”/25kg barbell on back.

Ski Erg 500m
200m Backwards Sled Drag @ 45-50kg
30m HS Walk
= about 100k, through sled drag as timer went off so finished that round.
3rds = 24.46

Friday 28/8/15

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