Saturday 22/8/15

A.Strict Wtd Ring Dips – 5×4 rest 2 mins = 40/42/44/”/”
B.Strict C2B Pullups – 5xAMRAP.AMRAP Rest 20s/2mins = 9.3/8.2/7.2/”/5.2
C.Strict Press – 5×2.2 rest 20s/2mins = 74/”/75/”/”

3x – Did 4x
25-30 Ring Pushups = 30 UB/18+9/16+6+3/15+5+5
Rest 20s
20 T2B = UB/17+3/9+6+5/13+7
Rest 20s
10 TnG GTOH @ 60-70kg = 6+1+2+1/6+4/7+3/6+1+3
Rest 2 mins

I realise I hit this in the wrong order, should have been T2B first. Changed the feel of the workout to very grip and lat taxing especially after yesterday but it’s stuff I still need to work on!


I had every intention of hitting the conditioning today but:
1 – it was fucking boiling
2 – I was at Wills gym in Worcester which is on the top floor and no space to run, which would have meant rowing instead.
3 – Will was lifting, my knees felt good and there was a good atmosphere at the gym so I decided to take advantage of it.
Hit this with Will:

A – Build to max of complex: Sn Pull + Sn + Hang Sn + OHS = 107.5kg
B – Build to max of complex: Power Cl + Hang Cl + FS + Power Jerk = 125
12 min Amrap:
3 Sn @ 70% of complex (75kg)
2 Sn @ 80% (86kg)
1 Sn @ 90% (97kg)
= 4 Rounds + 3 @75kg
Challenging and very satisfying workout, felt the technique actually improving over the course of the amrap. Had to use straps as hands were sore from T2B earlier (bars at this gym aren’t powder coated) so probably could have hit more.

C – Every 2min For 20 mins (10 sets): 120ft Yoke carry (60ft out and back)
= 120kg/”/”/140kg/”/”/160kg/”/”/” no belt for all.
Now I see why you say heavy carries are good. A deep midline fatigue feeling.
I will catch up on the missed conditioning work.

Saturday 22/8/15

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