Friday 8/7/15


60s @ 85%
60s @ 50%

* Push hard here.
Max HR = 159/164/167/169/171/172/174/172/174/176/177/178/180/181/181/183
Av for whole 32mins = 157bpm

Pushed very hard on these. All at minimum of 100rpm.


A – High Hang Clean – 6×3 rest 2 mins = 95/100/105/110/110/115
B – Split Press – 5×3 each side rest 2 min = 55/65/”/”/”
C – Front Rack BB Walking Lunge – 5×10 Rest 2 mins = 90/95/100/105/110 PB

Knees feel awesome. Back feels good as long as torso is upright. Very happy with walking lunge, felt strong.

Planned to hit this as PM session with some skill work:
KB Front Rack Walk – 50m
Rest 90s
But thoracics and general FR was smoked from walking lunge today and yesterday so hit this instead:

EMOM 16′:
1 – 50″ ME pistols (alternating) = 21/23/23/21/23/24/25/24 total = 194
2 – 50 DU

194 pistols in total, no knee sleeves and no knee pain. Just some serious quad doms. Felt stable, mobile and rapid.

Friday 8/7/15

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