133: Monday


Full Jowsey warm up.

A. Hang Power Snatch – 5×2 Rest 90s = 80/85/”/90/95
B. Barbell Lunge – 3×12-16 Rest 90s = 70kgx16/80×14/90×12
C. Pendlay Row – 5×5 Rest 2 mins = 95/97.5/”/”/95

1 – Ski Erg 45s @ 85% = 203m/203m/200m/14cal/”/13/14/13/14/”
2 – 15-20 Up/Downs = all sets 18, last set 20.

Swapped to measuring in Cals after 3 rounds of ski erg as it was getting awkward catching exactly how many metres I’d ski’d when 45 seconds hit. Pushed hard on this, it was very tough. A lot of tricep/chest fatigue on the down up.


So I managed to avoid all extra training today…until this evening. The class today was the CrossFit Total (back squat, strict press, deadlift). I was PTing whilst the class was on and challenged the coach Matt to deadlift (cold, with no warm up) the max DL of one of the members. Challenge accepted, the member hit 170 and Matt pulled 171 cold. Next class Matt challenged me to DL another member’s max, they hit 180…I pulled it cold, no problem. The weight moved so easily I had to check if it was actually 180. It felt so good I loaded 190 and pulled it, still no belt. 200, no problem. Put a belt on and hit 205 for a PB DL. I refuse to accept that resting has made me stronger so I’m going to put it down to the Sunday roast yesterday.

DL – heavy single (no warm up) – 180/190/200/205 PB

133: Monday

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