119: Monday

Track was closed for kids sports day so did PM piece first:

1 – 8 Muscle Ups
2 – 12 KBS @32
3 – 40 UB DU

5km run (outdoors) = 21.26

AV. HR = 173, MAX = 185

Did this on a planned route outside with a GPS watch on to track speed and progress. 1km split = 4.17. Think i should be able to hold 4.12 on the day which will give me sub 21:00. GPS also showed that I ran 5,130m so a little off on the distance but good news for on the day.

15′ AD Z1, av HR = 134bpm
20′ foam roll and release.

Calves shot after this, soleus in particular very sore.

A.HBBS – 5×2 @ 100-110kg Rest 2 mins = 100/102.5/105/107.5/110
B.Practice BC Complexes – Do NOT go to max but build to an easy opener.
Sn complex = 105/107.5
Cl complex = 130/135

Missed opener 105 on the sn complex twice but couldnt workout why, just very unstable overhead. Hit it 3rd time, then hit 107.5.
Cl complex opened with 130, hit 135 after. Called it a day there with about 2:30 on the clock so enough time for another lift.

End of the day calves and lateral quads feel very fatigued but no knee pain.

119: Monday

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