101: Wednesday

A.BTN Snatch Grip Push Press – 6×2 Rest 2 mins = 100/105/105/110/112.5/110 (found it tough stabilising weight overhead in this wide snatch grip).
B1. Wtd Ring Dips – 5×4 Rest 90s = 33/34/”/”/”
B2. Pendlay Row- 5×2-3 Rest 2 mins = 100×3/”/x2/”/”

Felt weak on the strength work today. Nothing untowards just fatigued.

Every 90s
12 C2B Pullups – SUBBED FOR GHDSU – hands blistered from muscle ups on monday.
10m HS Walk = all UB

90s Timer
Row 250m
MAX Burpee Over Rower in time remaining = 19/20/20 (last two sets recorded)
Rest 10 Mins

(Rest 10 mins)

30s Max Power Clean @ 50kg = 13/14/14
30s Burpee Over Bar = 12/13/13
30s Thruster @ 50kg = 10/11/11
Rest 10 mins (all sets recorded)

Think I’m understanding this energy system better and how to push hard for the 90″. Felt fucked after first 3 pieces, moved as fast as I could for the second 3 but after watching video it looks like I’m going in slow motion! Written off after this. Videos uploading tonight.

15′ Easy AD cool down @137bpm.

101: Wednesday

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