94: Tuesday

Easy 30 mins Airdyne @ 50RPM (really fucking easy)

2x All @ 90-95%

8 Deadlift @ 80kg
12 Burpee Over Bar
= 4rds + 11 reps / 3 + 19.

Rest 4 Mins

12 T2B
12 Thrusters @ 40kg
= 3+16 / 3+13

Rest 4 Mins

15 KB Swing @ 32kg
15 Box Jump Over
= 3+3 / 3+6 (first run jumped and stepped off, second run rebounded)

Rest 10 mins and repeat.

DL/burpee amrap was definitely the hardest then t2b/thr, felt comfortable on the kbs/bj. Still surprised by how much my t2b have improved, as with the muscle ups yesterday, I feel I can jump on for a chunky set even when gassed/fatigued. I supposed the goal now is to be that comfortable with all movements.

Knee was feeling a bit fragile, not painful but if i pushed it further it would be. Phil some jowsey work and a little bit of rope climb technique.

94: Tuesday

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