93: Monday



90s @ 90%

90s @ 50%(Very easy)
Max HR = 160/164/169/169/170/171/171/174

Easy 5 mins AD

A.HBBS – 5×5 @ 110-120kg Rest 2 mins = 110/112.5/115/117.5/120
B.Snatch – 8×1 @90-95% Rest 2 mins (Build from 90%) = 100/103.5fail/103.5fail/100/103.5/103.5/105/105/107.5failx2/105fail
C.Snatch Pull – 7×1 Rest 2-3 mins = 125/”/127.5/”/130/”/”
D.Strict C2B Pullups – 5×2.2 Rest 20s/2mins (add weight if possible) = 8/8/9/9/9


AMRAP UB Muscle Ups = 15 (PB)/6/7/7/7/7
Rest 20s
AMRAP Deficit HSPU @ 2″ = 13/11/7/6/8/6
Rest 20s
12-15 OHS @ 60kg = 13/12/13/15/15/15
Rest 2 mins

This was tough but at the same time brought me confidence in the muscular endurance I have developed and the increased comfort on the rings and HSPU. Where previously I would feel the need to let my HR drop before jumping on the rings, now I feel confident that even win an elevated HR and fatigued upper body I can still get 6-7 MU UB. Kept the OHS low in the early rounds for fear of breaking down but in hindsight could of gone for 15’s all the way through. Took about 5′ of walking around before I could sit on the rower, rowed for 5′, then another 5′ of rest before I felt normal again.

93: Monday

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