90: Friday

A.Strict Deficit HSPU – 5×2-3 Rest 2 mins = 5.5inchesx3/6/6/6/6

For time:
Cals Row = 16.35

Laid this out competition style; ran from start to HSPU, moved forward to T2B, moved forward to row then moved box (chess piece) forward to next round marker, ran back to HSPU etc. Broke this up a lot better than the last time I had to do large sets of HSPU and didn’t drop off. Went UB on last round of HSPU and rounds of 14, 12 and 10 on the T2B. T2B starting to feel like rest.

Easy 2km row = 7.10 (2.01.2 split)

A.Front Squat- 5×6 @110-115kg Rest 2 mins = 110/110/115/115/115/115
B.Clean – 5×2 Rest 2 mins @ 85-90% (117.5-124) = 117.5/120/122.5/125/125
C. RDL – 5×5, 2-3’R = 150/155/160/160/160
D. Split Jerk – 6×2 Rest 2 mins @ 75-85% (112.5-127.5) = 112.5/115/115/117.5/117.5/120/122.5

Front squats felt BLISS. Upright position, knees over toes, nice little bounce at bottom, most of all – pain free.
Clean – changed this for the 5×2 @85-90%, felt snappy and reactive out of the bottom.
RDL – last time I hit 5×5 on this my top set was 145kg so 15kg PB for 3 sets.
Split Jerk – haven’t split jerked much since starting with HPP because of the knee so movement still feels a little alien. Weight was manageable and no near fails but need to groove the movement more.

HS Walk (metres)
Pistols Alt
GHD Hip Extensions = 7.29

Enjoyed this piece. HS walks were comfortable, I think all the overhead, shoulder and core work has contributed to more stability in the HS so I never get a feeling of lack of control or like I’m going to come down before I choose to.
Pistols were slow and laboured but kept moving. The movement itself feels comfortable, just slow and weak. Maybe some weighted/pre-fatigued work on this?

90: Friday

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