89: Wednesday

A.Overhead barbell Lunges – 5×8 Rest 2 mins = 70/75/”/”/77.5
B.1 Hang Power Clean + 2 Push Jerk = 105/110/112.5x1PJ/112.5/112.5/115

C1. Bench Press – 5×2-3 Rest 90s = 117.5×3/120/”/122.5/125×2
C2. Strict Wtd Supinated Pullups – 5×2.2 Rest 20s/2mins = 40/”/41/41/41
5 Rounds of:
200m KB OH Carry @ 32kg (did 24kg KB’s)
8 Bar Muscle Ups
= 25.39
Didn’t know whether you meant 32kg total weight or each KB. 32kg KB’s seemed too much as I did that 50m carries not long ago so went with 2x24kg. Was a real challenging grind, every walk was broken 5 or 6 times, never rested more than about 10-15″.

Because of the squatting in the program yesterday as well as the extra workout I had to do for thorium after, my legs today are toast. Also my knee has begun to swell again which I think is a reaction to too much squatting work without enough recovery. There are now no more qualifiers so hopefully no added stresses to the knee beyond what the programmes prescribes.

AD 30′ @Z1 Av HR = 132bpm

89: Wednesday

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