88: Tuesday

Easy 30 mins Airdyne @ 75RPM =

2x All @ 90-95%
15 Wallballs
15 Power Clean @ 60kg = 3rds+1 / 3rds+2

Rest 5 Mins

10 Thruster @ 50kg
10 C2B
Run 100m = 3rds+10/3rds+2

Rest 5 Mins

15 Box Jump @ 24”
12 OHS @ 50kg
9 T2B = 2rds+28/3rds+4

Rest 5 mins and repeat.

Forgot HR monitor. Toughest AMRAP was probably the THR/C2B/RUN, on the other two I felt I could recover on either the wall balls or T2B/BJ.

Easy 5km Row
Every 1km do:
16 Alt Pistols
8 KB Snatch @ 32kg = 26.34

Pistols started a little awkward but over the course of the workout felt smoother and with a little more bounce. Very weak on the way up which is causing a slow movement even for just 16 reps. I can see how one day I will be able to do large volumes of these at speed but it’s going to take a lot of work.

88: Tuesday

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