79: Friday

Wary of stomach still feeling dodgy so took it easy today. Had a headache and stomach cramps all day which is probably the dehydration.

5 Rounds of:
Row 500m @ 1:48-52/500m pace
10 T2B
10 Box Jumps
= 14.07
Didn’t feel great on this, way more gassed than I should be which I’m putting down to yesterday. On plus side all sets were comfortably ub.

A.Front Squat – 5×8 Rest 2 mins @ 22×1 tempo = 80/”/85/”/90
B.Clean Grip Deadlift – 5×3 Rest 2 mins = 130/140/145/150/”
C.Clean – 8×1.1 Rest 20s/2 mins = 110/115/120/122.5/125/127.5/130/132.5×1
D. Clean and jerk – 5×2 Rest 2 mins @ 75-85% = 105/108/111/114/117

Meant to take it easy on this hence the light clean DL, but the cleans satarted feeling good so worked up heavier. C+J carried on feeling good. Happy and suprised to have felt so good working up heavy.


20 mins mobility = focused on chest/oh mobility both suffering from all the pressing recently.

A. Max Ring Hold with ext rotation. x5 Rest 30-60s = 44″/30/34/25/17
B. Strict C2B Pullups @ 31×2 tempo – 5x AMRAP Rest 2 mins = 4/5/5/5/5

I still can’t hit this tempo. Getting much more controlled but not strong enough to hold top position and control eccentric yet.

Hollow Rocks
Double Unders
= 10.51 (rope cable frayed on last set, tokk me 30″ to get 2 du)

79: Friday

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