72: Friday

15 Box Jump Over
30 Double Under
15 Burpees Over Rower
Easy 300m Row @ 2:00/500m pace
= 3 rds + 96m

Pushed the BJO, DU and burpees then kept to the 2:00 split on the rower.
Average HR = 170, max HR = 176
Easy 2km Row, av hr = 147

A.Front Squat – 4×10 @ 22×1 Rest 90s = 75/75/80/80
B.Clean Pull – 6×1.1.1 @ 155-165kg Rest 20s/90s = 155/157.5/157.5/160/162.5/162.5
C.Clean – 7×2 Rest 2 mins (Start @ weight you finished on last week) = 120/122.5/122.5/125/125/127.5/130×1
D. KB Front Rack Alt. Lunge – 4×10-12 Rest 90s = 32’sx12 reps all sets
Happy with everything today. Squats felt good, great ROM and no pain, just really hard! Clean pulls are getting heavy though my ass was shooting up today which I need to work on. Got 127.5×2 on the clean doubles which is my heaviest so far, fatigue got me on the second rep of the 130. Every day I squat pain free is a good day and it feels great to keep getting more weight on the bar.

50m Sled Drag Backwards – Heavy (rest 2′) = 80/80/90/90/95/95 (did an extra set as the 5th one was poor).

EMOM 10′: 20-30 UB DU = all sets 30 UB.

72: Friday

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