66: Saturday


A – 10′ to heavy PS = 95 (missed 100 twice)
B – PS – 5×2 @85% (93.5)
C – Strict Ring row 4×5-8 @31×3 = 6/6/6/6 (toes in line with rings)

Just wasn’t feeling the power snatches today. Glutes are pretty fatigued from lunges yesterday so think that made my 2nd pull less aggressive. Missed a lot of lifts and actually had to go back down to 80 after ‘A’ to build back up to 93.5kg with better technique.

D – For Time: 30 MU w/50 DU every break = 5.21 (8/6/7/9)
Really happy with this. Massive improvement on my muscle ups from previous, wished I’d filmed it. Especially happy to hit 9 reps at the end when I would usually fall off from fatigue.

30′ Rest

3 rounds as a pair:
50 Strict HSPU (shared)
30 PC with 3″ pause in catch (alt reps)
= 4.57 / 5.00 / 5.30


5′ Z1
60s@ 90%
60s @ 50%
5′ Z1

66: Saturday

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