Friday day 65


4 rounds of 1′:
50ft shuttle run
Ski erg
Double unders
Down up

Hit this with the guys at the box this morning. Not what you gave me but it had the rowing, down ups and double unders and I kept the effort at 85%.


A.Alt. Front Rack Barbell Lunge – 4×14-16 Rest 90s = 60×16/65/70/75
B.Clean Pull – 6×2 @ 120% (165kg) Rest 90s = 152.5/”/155/157.5/”/160/”
C.Clean – 7×2 Rest 2 mins @ 85-90% (117-124kg) = 117.5/120/”/122.5/”/124/120
D. GH Raise – 4x 6-8 Rest 2 mins = 8/8/8/7

Clean pull – couldn’t get to prescribed weight without losing good form but happy with the weight I got to which is up from the 152 from last week.
Clean – built to 124 but had to drop it down to 120 on the last set as I really wasn’t moving well. Not a knee or fatigue issue just one of those days.

100m KB Front Rack Carry @ heavy weight = all sets at 2x32kg =
1) 1.11 UB
2) 1.31 (break at 60m)
3) 1.18 (break at 60m)
Very challenging on thoracics, core, glutes, shoulders, calves and breathing. Everything really.

Friday day 65

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