Day 63


A1. Bent Over KB Row – 5×8-10 Rest 90s @ 31×1 = 2×24/2×28/2×32/”/”
A2. Push Press – 5×5 Rest 90s = 90/95/100/”/”
B. Bar Muscle Ups – 4x AMRAP Unbroken Rest as needed = was unable to do these as there was no chalk in the gym today so my hands were slipping off the bar after 3 reps. Will slot these in on friday/saturday.


1 – 6-8 Strict Supinated Pullups = all sets 8
2 – AMRAP Strict HSPU in 30s = 12/10/10/7/8/9
3 – AMRAP Double Under in 45s = 55/67/56/65/72/60

Disappointed with the strict hspu and double unders. Felt like i accumulated a lot of fatigue in the shoulders over the course of the emom leading to weak and slow hspu and lots of trips on the du.


AMRAP 30 @ 75% effort
Ski Erg 30 Cals
Row 30 Cals
10 Down ups = 6 rds + 63

Got nice and sweaty with this. Heart rate going and got out of breath a little.

approx 80 minute rest

3 rds:
60 du
50 wall balls
40 bjo @24″
30 knees to elbow
= 20.37 (think I did an extra 10 box jumps or wall balls somewhere)

This was the class today, figured I’d treat it as some more moderate intensity aerobic work.


Team Thorium Global League workout 2: was a pairs workout, 14 minute escalating ladder of front squats @60kg and t2b: 6-6, 12-12, 18-18, 24-24…
Will is returning from injury and so could not do any squats I did them all. Totaled 139 front squats. Knees felt OK, used it as an opportunity to get in more of the work we have already been doing with the high rep squats and groove good movement.

10′ AD + foam roll quads (9’/leg) + ice knees 15′.

Day 63

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