Day 62


Airdyne 5 Mins @ easy pace
10 Up/Downs
10 Sit Ups
Total time = 32.28, Av HR = 135bpm, Max HR = 147BPM.


Jowsey Lunges
A.HBBS – 4×15 @ 75-80kg Rest 90s = all sets 80 and feeling good.
B.Halting Snatch Grip Deadlift – 5×5 Rest 2 Mins = 90/95/”/”/” – all perfect positions.
C.Hang Snatch – 5×2 Rest 90s @ 80-85% = 88/90/91/92.5/93.5
D.Alternating KB Front Rack Step Ups – 3×16 Rest 90s = all sets 2x24kg KB.

Really pleased with HBBS today, think I’ve found my ideal squat stance now and was hitting good positions on almost all reps.
On halting sn DL kept the weight manageable and focused on keeping chest up and not shooting bum up.
Hang snatches also felt good today, focused on long loose arms, keeping the knuckles down, staying over the bar and speed under the bar.
KB FR step ups were the hardest exercise of the day by far. Found it was actually my shoulders/thoracics that got fatigued first and actually got a bit gassed!

Day 62

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