Day 50

AD 40′ @Z1, Av. HR = 142bpm, max HR = 152, total cal = 1461.

Clean Grip
10 First Pull (Focus on perfect back angle)
10 Full Pull to hips
10 Clean High Pull (High elbows)
10 Full Clean and Jerk (smooth pull/quick turnover)
Did first set w/empty bar, 3 sets with 30kg.
Accumulate 50 Perfect Split Jerk with 20-40kg = 30kg

A.RDL – 5×4 Rest 2 mins = 150/150/150/150/152.5
B.High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch – x5 Rest 2 mins = 90/92.5/92.5/92.5/95
C.KB High Low Carry – 5x 50-100m Rest 90s = all sets 100m @2x32kg (swap arms without dropping kb’s at 50)
D. Hip Extensions – 3×20 @ 21×3 Rest 90s = 14/12/12

Really pushed on the RDL’s.
Felt a bit sluggish on the hang snatches so stuck with manageable weight and tried to get some consisteny good movement.
KB high low carry was tough! Spent every 90″ rest period wondering if the next set was possible.
Hip ext nice little finisher, amazing how hard these are when you actually follow the prescribed tempo!

Day 50

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