Day 49

A1. Strict Weighted C2B Pullups – 5x 3.3 Rest 20s/90s = cracked these, got all reps easy.
A2. Bench Press – 5×5 Rest 2 mins = 115/115/116/116/117.5
B. Hanging L-Sit – 6×10-20s Hold Rest 60s = 20/12/14/13/15/12


1 – 8 Muscle Ups = 8/7/7/6/7
2 – 15 T2B = 15/7+5/9+4/8+5/7+5
3 – 30s Hollow Body = 21/20/15/11/20 secs.
4 – 15 Up/Downs = all sets 15

Core was fucked, really struggled on the

Jowsey Work

2 Sets @ 90%:
Power Clean @ 60kg
Row Cals = 6.41

Rest 3 mins

4 Rounds:
20 KB Swing @ 32kg
20 Burpees Over KB = 12.00

Rest 3 mins

25 Cal Ski Erg For time = 0.50

Rest 3 Mins

Only got through one set of these. Pecs went into spasm at during the kbs/burpee metcon. Push really hard on all of the pieces but felt empty at the end. I feel like the volume is manageable but the intensity is what I’m struggling with. Felt really fatigued after the 12x500m yesterday and it carried forward to today.

Rest 1.5hrs

Jowsey warm up.

Cindy: 20’AMRAP:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats.

After resting for 1.5 hrs, drinking a load of water, aminos and carbs, I felt a bit better. Wanted to hit the second round of the prescribed work but classes were on so couldn’t train. Decided to do the class (cindy) at a 85% pace as I figured it would at least get the volume of work in and near the correct intensity but with movements that aren’t going to fatigue me for tomorrow.

Day 49

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