Day 45


A1. Wtd Ring Dips – 5×6, 90″ rest = all sets 30kg
A2. Strict Wtd Supine Pullups – 5×6, 90″ rest = all sets 35kg

1 – 1-2 LeglessRope Climb = 2/2/2/2
2 – 8 STOH @ 60-70kg = 8/8/8/8 @70
3 – 12-18 C2B = 14/14/16/13
4 – 15-20 GHD Situps = 20/20/20/20


Had Colchester Events down filming me for the Battle Of The Beasts promo video. They wanted me to do certain movements (below) so just built up to a max whilst they filmed a d stopped when comfortable. Hang Clean – amazed.

A – Sn from blocks (knee) build to heavy single = 40/60/80/90/95/100/105/110/115/120 failx4
B – Hang Clean build to heavy single = 40/60/80/100/110/120/125/130/135/140/145 (8kg PB).
C – T2B, bar mu and rope climb (few reps of each, real low intensity).


A – HBBS 5×20 @40/40/40/40/40 Jowsey had me squatting with toes forward yesterday and recommends I continue with that in training to optimise use of hips and minimise strain on knees. Movement feels very alien so kept the weight light and worked on form.

Hamstrings and abs are still sore from wednesday so had to leave the GHR and hollow work out today.

Day 45

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