Day 43


45′ AD @140bpm

Snatch Grip w/empty bar
10 First Pull (Focus on perfect back angle)
10 Full Pull to hips
10 Snatch High Pull (High elbows)
10 Full Snatch (smooth pull/quick turnover)
2 sets w/empty bar, 2 sets @30kg


A – RDL 5×5 = 135/140/140/142.5/145
B – Sn 8×2 @90-100 = 90/92.5/95/97.5/97.5/100/100/100
C – OH BB carry 6x30m (100ft, did 50ft out and back) = 80/85/90/95/95
D – Hip ext 3×20 (2×13) – 15/15/15 (completely forgot about the tempo 3″ pause at the top on this, would have had to go a lot lighter otherwise.

Knee was very swollen today and starting the PM session i didn’t think i’d be able to full snatch. As the session went on however the swelling went down and I was able to hit some pretty decent lifts. 1-2 hours after session swelling has returned but not as bad as before. Seeing Jowsey Thursday 9/4/15.

Day 43

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