Day 42


A1. Pendlay Row – 5×6 Rest 90s = 90/90/90/90/90
A2. Strict Press – 5×5 Rest 90s = 72.5/70/70/70/72.5
B. Barbell Roll Outs – 3x 12 Rest 90s

Pendlay row felt strong today. Strict press felt weak, feel like movement is stalling a bit. Barbell rollouts were really tough but kept good lumbar/pelvic position.

1 – 8 Muscle Ups = 8/8/8/7/7
2 – 5-6 Strict Deficit HSPU @ 20kg plates (3″) = 5/5/5/3/2+1
3 – 10-15 GHD Situps = all 15 UB

Shocked by my muscle ups today. Thought 8 was a lot to ask for especially with the fatigue from previous movements but they actually felt pretty good. Starting to get that smooth kip out of the dip and can feel from the fatigue in my abs that I’m hitting a good hollow body before the transition. Strict def HSPU were good, that’s an inch up from last week when I did them in sets, but they died off hard near the end. GHD sit ups were fine.

Jowsey Work
3x @ 90% effort

Row 350m
12 Burpees = 2rds + 44m / 2rds + 63m / 2rds + 91m


15 KB Swing @ 32kg
30 Double Under = 3rds + 40 / 4rds + 2 / 4rds = 4.


Pushed hard on these. Tried to go out harder than I normally would and set a score I wasn’t absolutely sure I could beat.
The first AMRAP I found really gassy, the second was more mechanical fatigue; forearms and shoulders, not really gassed though. Went UB on everything bar a few trips on the double unders.

Day 42

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