Day 30


Snatch Grip w/empty bar
10 First Pull (Focus on perfect back angle)
10 Full Pull to hips
10 Snatch High Pull (High elbows)
10 Full Power Snatch (smooth pull/quick turnover)
Use this to perfect your positions.

Did 5 sets.


20′ AD @ 139bpm – I was at about 78-80 rpm on this which is about 4-5 rpm above normal but heart rate stayed the same as usual. Funny how some days it stays low even when I feel like I’m pushing a little harder. Had an especially good night’s sleep last night though which will have contributed to feeling good today.


A – DL 6×3 @ 170/170/172.5/175/175
B – Sn 5×3 @ 90/92.5/92.5/95/95
C – FR Hold 5×20″ @ 180/185/192.5/200/205
D1 – wtd hip ext 5×10-15 = 15/17.5/17.5/20/20 (all sets 15 reps)
D2 – BB walk 5x20m (back rack) – 180/200/200/200/200 (did 10m out, turn, 10m back).

5-10′ Rest

EMOM 20′:
1 – 10 HSPU
2 – 10 BBJ @24″

5-10′ Rest

Partner Workout:
The two athletes alternate between the following for time:
200m with a 20kg barbell overhead
200m with a 30kg atlas stone
200m with a 15kg plate
400m with 2 x 32kg kettlebells.

Whilst one athlete is completing their lap, the other completes as many rounds as possible of:
20 Jumping lunges
20 Pull Ups
20 AbMat sit ups

= 15.17 + 216 reps

As you can probably guess I felt pretty good today. Knee started off a little swollen this morning but as the day progressed it felt better.
Happy with progressing the weights on the DL, trying to add a few kilos every session.
Snatch felt really good, uploaded the 95×3 to my instagram, no knee pain and movement felt smooth and easy.
After the lifting I wanted to get a little sweaty so hit that emom, looked ahead in the programming and chose movements I thought wouldn’t impact negatively on the rest of the week.
The last conditioning piece I got dragged into by our box owner who was doing the class that started just as I finished. Figured that if I didn’t go super hard then it was just a little extra aerobic volume with no real mechanical fatigued as the movements are so light.

Day 30

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