Day 25


15′ AD @ Z1
20 ‘ dynamic stretches, hips, glute, shoulders, low back, adductors.
15’ AD @Z1


Jowsey 10’s + 3×30 air sq, 1’r.

A – HHBS 3×20 @30kg, 90″r
B – HPC + 2PC 6 sets @110/115/115/117.5/120/115
C1 – CGBP 5×5, 90″r @110/110/110/110/110
C2 – Def. ring row 5×5 w/2″ pause at top, 2’r = rings set to 30″ off floor, feet on floor. Found these really had, especially with pause at top.
D – TGU 5×6/arm, 60″r @ 24/24/24/32/32
E – double leg calf raise 4×20, 90″r. Starting to incorporate some light calf work as part of rehab from recent strain.

I this week is low volume and intensity for a reason but I really do feel like I’m not doing enough. Can’t wait to squat heavy and pain free again.

Day 25

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