Day 23


30′ AD Z1, av. hr = 139bpm


Jowsey 10’s + 3×30 air sq, 1’r.

A – Deadlift – 6×4 @ 150/155/160/165/167.5/160
B – Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch – 5×3 @ 60/75/80/85/85
C1 – Strict Press – 5x 3-5 = 70×5/72.5×5/75×4/75×4/77.5×3
C2 – Pendlay Rows – 5×5 = 80/82.5/85/85/85
D – Wtd GHD Hip Extensions – 5×10-15 Rest 90s = 15kg plate/15kg barx13/15×15/15×12/17.5×10

It’s now 21:15 and I feel good. Bit of DOMS in the legs but no knee pain, complete change to how I felt last week. Felt like I hit today’s session at a good intensity, weights on the DL have gone up, kept the sn pull + hang sn snappy and technique focus. Pushed towards heavier weight and lower reps on the strict press and wtd ghd hip ext.

Felt good after the session but considering this is the first week back and trying to keep things pain free I didn’t want to risk pushing it so didn’t join Jamie on the emom – definitely down for a weekly bro sesh.

Day 23

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