Day 22


Jowsey 10’s + 3×30 air sq, 1’r

3 sets with empty bar (ran out of time to do 5)
10 sn balance
10 sn 1st pull
10 sn pull to hip
10 sn high pull
10 power sn

This was awesome, great opportunity to work on technique with just the bar and with no added fatigue. Would like to add more of this in on top of normal training.


5x @ 90%
100 Cal Airdyne
20 Up/Downs
Rest 3 Mins

= 3.22 / 3.05 / 2.59 / 2.58 / 2.53

As AD flicks between readouts automatically it’s pot luck whether it lands on the cal readout when I hit 100 cal so had to estimate on some rounds hence the large variance.

20′ AD @ z1, av hr = 148bpm

Took a very long time for heart rate to return to normal.

Day 22

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