Day 12


All @ 90%:

7′ amrap:
500m row
10 wb
= 2 rds + 500 + 9wb


50 du
12 rkbs@32
12 kb sn@24 (6/6)
= 4rds + 52


500m row
10 wb
= 2rds + 500 + 5wb


For time: 3000m row = 10.43.8 (1.47.3 split)

Notes: fatigue from week of leg work (which I am not complaining about!) made the rowing limited more by mechanical fatigue than metabolic fatigue.


EMOM 12′:
5 TnG Power Sn @ 60/60/60/60/70/70/70/70/80/80/80/80

Jowsey Lunges + 0.5kg

Put the tng power sn in today as I wanted to work on keeping my bum down and chest up during tng oly lifts – something I struggle with.
My gooch can only take so much AD so saving it for tomorrow so I can get the blood going on my day off.

Day 12

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