Day 11


A – Cl pull, 6×2 @110-120% 1RM Cl (152-165kg), 2’R = all sets 152.5kg
B – 2HCl + 1Cl x7 sets = 110/112.5/115/117.5/120/120/120
C – BB lunge, 5×10, 2’R @85/85/87.5/87.5/90
D – 2x20RM FS, 2’R = 60/60

Cl pull – even the lower end of the weight range here was too heavy, lost position off of floor (bum shooting up, weight coming forward on toes). Could have been down to not yet recovering from DL on wednesday as back also felt pretty sore.


A1 – wtd st. ring dip 4×5, 90″R = 28/30/30/30
A2 – wtd st. pull up 4×5, 90″R = 22.5/24/25/26
B – GHDSU 5×10-12 (wtd if too easy) = all sets 12 reps w/9kg med ball

B – tougher than I’d thought they’d be, got a headache after them!

4 sets:
10 st. HSPU @32X1 = 6/6/5/5
60″ ring FLR = all sets UB
30″ tuck front lever = 14/13/14/6+4″

Strict tempo HSPU were challenging but I can definitely see the benefit.
Tuck front lever was super hard but felt I was in a good position for the short duration I was holding it.

Day 11

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