Day 9


A1 – BP 5×5, 90″ R = 110/110/110/110/110
A2 – Legless RC, 5×2-4 = 2/2/2/2/3

Pretty happy with the BP as triceps were feeling pretty sore after yesterdays muscular endurance AM work. Legless RC are feeling more familiar, didn’t want to push past 2 per set in fear of blowing up but 3rd rep on last set wasn’t super hard to next time will try 3 earlier. Was resting about 5″ between climbs.


AD 20′ @Z1, Av HR = 136bpm


A – DL, 5×5, 2’R = 150/150/155/160/162.5 (Extended the rest period to 3-4′ so I could lift more).
B – Hang Sn, 5×2 = 85/95/102.5/107.5/110 Failed 4 times – this would have been a PB!
C – GHR, 3×4-8 = 8/7/5 (usually manage more than this but left hamstring was playing up)
D – BB FR hold, 5×20-30″ = 170/180/180/180/180 (all sets 30″)
E – Accumulate 30 wtd hip ext @20-25kg = 12/11/7 (20kg)

A – DL is shite.
B – Happy with hang sn, no knee pain and felt smooth moving under the bar. Felt that the reason why I missed the 110 was due to leg fatigued as opposed to technique so happy about that.
D – these were awesome, definitely understand the benefit after doing them, thought about squeezing core and glutes.
E – will go with 25kg next time.

Day 9

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