Day 5


5km Row @70-80% = 18.51.1 (1.53.1 split) Av HR = 154bpm, Max HR = 163bpm

10′ Triple Under practice, best effort = 3 UB

PM (20:09)

A – Hang Cl + 2 paused FS (1″ @bottom), 7 sets @75-85% 1RM Cl (103.5-117.5kg) = 110/112.5/112.5/115/115/115/115
B – RFESS 5×6/side (60″ R b/t sides) = 30/35/40/45/50
C – Strict Press 5×4-6, 2’R = 60×6/62.5×6/65×6/70×5/70×5
D – Accum. 50 hip ext = 22+13+9+6

A – no pain with hang clean, focused on super upright torso on paused fs and pushing floor away with quads (not shooting ass up)
B – first time doing this exercise in years, took a while to hit a decent weight, next time all sets 45kg+
Will hit the 20RM FS tomorrow as I felt doing a full lift, lunges and 20RM on Tuesday overdid it (bringing on knee pain and swelling later), wanted to see if knees still reacted badly if I took the 20RM out today.

EMOM 15′
1 – 2-3 legless RC + 20-30″ hollow hold = 2+20″/2+20″/2+20″/2+12″/2+13″
2 – 2 WW + amrap 20″ ring push up = 16/12/11/11/11
3 – 20-30″ hollow body hang = 20/20/20/20/23

This whole emom rode on the legless rc. First two sets were manageable, next three my pulling power died off quickly, also recovery between reps in the minute was slow leaving little time for hollow body hold and a rush to get to the wall climbs for the next minute. Felt similar muscles were fatigued from the hollow body hanging from the bar (lats and grip) hence only hitting 20″ each time. Definitely need to work on all of this.

Day 5

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