Day 3


AD 15″ @ ME, 4-5′ R (Video on YouTube tomorrow)

Airdyne 30s @ 85-90%.
Airdyne 30s @ 50%

Found this session surprisingly tough. Done a lot of 30/30 on the AD before but the 15″ ME pieces were shockingly hard and took a while to recover from; on all sets I was taking about 4:30 to recover. Fatigued continued into the intervals.


A – Sn Pull – 10′ build to tough (not max) single = 120
B – Sn Pull – 5×2 @90% of A, 2’R = 108
C – PSn 5×2 (drop and go) @ 90/95/97.5/100/102.5
D – RDL 5×5, 2’R @120/130/140/140/140

EMOM 12′
1 – 4-8 MU = all sets 8 UB
2 – 40-50 DU = all sets 50 UB
3 – 10-15 back ext = 15/13/12/12+3

Very happy with MU sets, starting to feel more comfortable on rings, just thinking about keeping composed and make every rep look the same, even under fatigue.
DU felt easy.
Back extensions got hard quick.

Didn’t do full Jowsey session today as after my session I had some release done on legs and wanted to keep the increased pliability of tissues around the knee to help recovery for the evening. Will hit the session tomorrow before AD recovery work.

Day 3

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